Transworld Interview: Checking In With Andy Dicker

Like the skate community at large, I was deeply concerned when I heard the news on January 14th that Element’s Skate Camp Director, Andy Dicker had suffered a “life-threatening brain injury” bombing hills in SF. I had met Andy at Skate Camp only last July and his radiant stoke made me an instant fan. Andy is the real deal. 100% Skateboarder. When I finally saw the good news that he was back home recuperating at his parents’ house in Sacramento, I called him up to get a handle on the whole situation. While Andy still has a ways to go before he can stand on a skateboard again—he still needs to wait for part of his skull to be reattached as crazy as that is to even type—hearing his signature good spirits and razor sharp wit was the best sign that this too shall pass. Here’s Andy. Long live Andy.

- Mackenzie Eisenhour

Read more about Andy's recovery here.